Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Maddy

We decided to throw Maddy a surprise birthday/going away party at Peter Piper Pizza. She was SO surprised and so excited when she came in and the kids yelled on the loud speaker "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDY!" The whole day she had been asking me and asking me what we were going to do for her birthday and I just kept down playing it. I told her we didn't have time for a birthday party because we are moving on Thursday and she bought it. Peter Piper Pizza is the way to go! No set up no clean up and you just show up for fun and pizza. Unfortunately they don't provide cake, something I didn't realize until we already were there and half way into the party. The picture at the bottom is what we ended up using. There was a girl there that new Debbie Moyes and luckily she had left over cupcakes so that is what Maddy got for her birthday. She didn't care or notice so oh well!

Maddy faces as she opened her presents were SOOO funny! She was so excited.

Birthday Girls

Lilly just kinda did her own thing and walked around watching everyone. Luckily it was a Tuesday night and the place was dead. She was just content to watch everyone play games and stuff. She did have shoes on earlier but they fell off and they never got back on her feet somehow.

Maddy is obsessed with the little boy in this picture. As you can tell by the picture my girls is drawn to bad boys.

cute pictures of her birthday

Thanks for the cute birthday outfit grandma!


This picture is couteous of my sister Rebekah. Turning thirty hasn't gone too well for me!

Monday, April 16, 2007

This was our trip. Lilly did really well for the most part. She was talking up a storm and thought she was so funny. Eventually she had had enough of the car and wanted OUT! We actually had to get her her own phone because we were on ours the whole time trying to set up appts. and all she wanted was our phones.

This is the road you take out to our new house. It isn't that far but it certainly feels like you are driving out to nowhere. It is seriously beautiful though and we love the trees. It has been a while since we have had trees around!

Here is our new house. It is amazing how much better the rental market is in Oregon. Can you believe it?

Just kidding this is the Bangerters house where we stayed. It is beautiful.

This is the actual house! It is older than we are used to but still really nice and fairly new inside. We are going to LOVE the grass in the backyard.

This is our street. And there is a park just around the corner that should be fun for the girls.

This is the inside of the house. Everything is in really good condition and fairly new. It has four bedrooms which will be really nice. It also has two living spaces downstairs. It has a front room that leads into the kitchen through the little archway and then there is a small hallway on the left that leads into the family room with the fire place and it is a really good size.

We have a Christmas tree farm just down the street.

Most important my shopping is less than five minutes down the road, and we all know how important that is to me.

This is our local golf course. It is REALLY cheap and practically across the street.
This will be our new church building

Maddy's new school

The field across from Maddy's new school. This was early morning and the cows weren't out yet but there are a lot of cows out there.

This is the field for the kids and I think it is so funny there is a silo(sp) out there.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Birthday Girl

Lilly was the big 1 today! She looked so pretty in the dress grandma Beth gave her.

Lilly loved opening her presents and all the other kids loved opening her presents as well!