Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday photo shoot

All my cute girls. I don't know why Lilly looks like she is wearing a hair net. kissing baby

proud big sisters

crazy girls

they really do love each other!big sister, bigger sister, biggest sister.

Grandma Beth's visit

We were so lucky to get my mom here for a whole week! Thank you for all your help!

Grandma and her newest grand baby number 12 baby Ivy. Here are a few things we did while she was here. I did a lot of sitting around with a certain baby attached to me. The girls entertained grandma.

Grandma was so nice to get up with the girls and actually make them breakfast (that doesn't always happen around here) and get them out the door to the bus. She also took them to the mall to spend their special "grandma" money. And brought them adorable Easter outfits. You spoiled us mom!

She even planned a fun Easter cupcake making afternoon.

We love you grandma! Thanks for the great memories!


Ivy's first bath started out nice.

And then turned into this....

She SERIOUSLY didn't like it. We didn't get too many pictures because needless to say it was a very quick bath.

And then we ended it like this. It experience.

Lilly and the library

These were just before baby Ivy was born. I took Lilly to the library for the Valentine craft project and decided to bring the camera this time. She was having so much fun and cracking me up.
This is her little Valentine "chicken" as she kept calling it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The first few days.....

So I started to think that maybe we got a defective baby for the first few days of her life. There was nothing but crying and suckling and no sleeping and more crying. OK I know that that is what all babies do but I was ready for a sweet little docile baby. And then "the milk" came in and I decided that we would keep her. She has now turned into the sweet docile baby (except from the hours of about midnight to 4a.m.) that I was SURE she was going to be. I guess she was hungry......what is that all about?jk

So here are a few things that Ivy has tried to make her happy before her tummy was full......
we have discovered this little gem of a sucker.....and we have rocked out in the swing......

and have tried vibrating to sleep.....
But I guess it is this guy that works the magic.

I just love her!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just because that is the way I do things. I decided that Dustin didn't put up quite enough pictures of our newest little Ivy Mae so here are a few more.....okay they are pretty much the rest of the pictures that were on my camera, minus any of the ones that I am in. I will save those for her and my eyes only.

Three little mothers.....seriously.

I thought that she looked a lot like Josey when she was first born but this picture looks IDENTICAL to one of Maddy's first photos.

Lilly did a lot of of this in the hospital room.

Lilly helped me dress her to get ready to go home. And Dustin admitted that they couldn't find the brush this morning. I am scared to see what the girls look like after school today.

ready to go home