Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am sorry for the lack of pictures but I can't seem to find my camera! As soon as I do I will post pictures of everyone playing soccer (including Lilly who scored a goal in her last game.....for the other team! But at 4 a goal is a goal and she is VERY proud of it!) and of everyone in the play (including me attempting the polka with my partner or better known as "fake daddy" according to Josey) and maybe of some of the crab Dustin caught recently (yes....I said caught) and then maybe of Ivy who is already pulling herself up at the couch but can barely see over the side she is so short! (Who by the way visited the doctor today and weighs a whopping 15 lbs at 7 1/2 months old!!! WOO HOO! This is good seeing how she gained 1 1/2 lbs over the last 6 weeks.) But, until then you will just have to use your imagination a little...... and I would really like to see how everyone imagines me doing the polka actually!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

Today after church as we were headed to the car, we were chatting with another little family with their first little baby who is the same age as Ivy. I wasn't paying attention but all of a sudden I hear Dustin scolding Lilly for something. He told me afterwards that she had looked in their carseat and started laughing and said, "What a scary, ugly, freaky baby!" OH MY GOSH!!!! I was so embarrassed! They of course have an adorable little baby! Lilly's reaction was sort of bewildered that we were upset with her for saying such things! Kids can be so embarrassing and I guess I need to teach her about the can't say something nice, don't say anything at all rule!

In other news! Hello Dolly is finally coming to a wrap! We only have 2 weeks until showtime and things are getting more and more hairy. But I am finally starting to enjoy it more and I think the girls are as well. The other day I had to bring Ivy with me to a rehearsal. The next rehearsal the director came up to me and asked if I would be willing to have Ivy be in the performances! She said it was so cute seeing her up there with me and she would love to have her included. So they are making her a cute poofy dress and a little bonnet and she gets to join all the girls in our musical! I am totally excited about that! However at church today the director pulled me aside again and asked if I could step into another number because one of the members had to pull out of the play last minute. I told her that wouldn't be a problem but then I found out it is a full on dancing routine! With like a partner that has to lift me and stuff!!! How funny is that?! Wish me luck!

Friday, September 17, 2010

soccer mom

I was talking to my mom about my night the other night and she told me that I needed to blog about it because it was too funny. So here goes!

This is just a snapshot of what my life has been like this past month and will continue for another month until "Hello Dolly" is over and soccer season ends. I have turned into "The Soccer Mom". Having 3 kids in soccer means that Monday through Thursday and all day Saturday is spent at practices or games. I am not complaining, because I signed up for this, but I am realizing just how logistically hard it is to get everyone where they need to be all the time (and then add the play on top of it and a small baby and it is OUT OF CONTROL).

So Wednesday was my first activity as the new activity day leader. I was excited to get to know the girls and make our first activity fun so they would want to come back. I also knew that Maddy and Josey had soccer games at the same time 6:00, a half hour in opposite directions. Dustin had already been home early the night before because we had 2 soccer practices, Lilly's game and my Hello Dolly practice going on so he couldn't make it this second night in time to get one of them to their games. So Maddy had to ride with her coach while I took Josey to her game. So we had planned to start activity days at 4:15. Then Maddy's coach asked me to get Maddy to his house by 4:45. I realized that I was only going to be able to make to activity days for about 15 minutes. Luckily my partner was great about it and that part worked out. I had spent the afternoon trying to get all organized so that I wouldn't feel overwhelmed by it all. Everyones soccer stuff was packed and in the car including water bottles and balls and a snack for the drive over there. I had stocked the baby bag with baby food and juice and books for Lilly. I had packed the soccer chairs and even remembered everyones jackets in case it got cold. I knew we were going to be gone for almost 4 hours. I thought I was all prepared. So we left activity days and rushed over to Maddy's coach's house and dropped her off. Then we started over to Josey's game.

We weren't late.....and that was about the best thing that came out of the event. When we got to the game it was just lightly misting. All I kept thinking was, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T LET IT RAIN! Of course Josey's field was the farthest one from the parking lot, meaning that I couldn't just sit in the car and watch. So I put the baby in the stroller (which is always fun pushing on the grass) loaded up our two chairs and grabbed my GIGANTIC baby bag and started huffing it over to the field with a sick 4 year old in tow. We get over there and I get everything set up and instantly Ivy starts crying. I started getting out the food hoping she was just hungry. And then it starts to rain a little more. I was still trying to stay optimistic that it was going to stop for an hour. Rain was about the only thing I DIDN'T plan for. Then it starts raining harder. Luckily a friend had brought an extra umbrella and asked if I wanted to borrow it. And I am really glad it was there, because within the next few minutes it started POURING! So I am trying to feed the baby and keep everyones heads covered. Ivy is still crying. Then Lilly decided she needs to go potty. So I spot the port-a-potty and we start walking over. This is when I realize that the jeans I am wearing are WAY to big because they kept falling down! The bottoms were wet and I think that was weighing them down but I could have walked right out of them. So I am holding the crying baby, holding the umbrella and trying to pull my pants up while trying to help Lilly get into the port-a-potty (inside the port-a-potty was a whole other adventure). We get back to our seats......still in POURING rain and Josey gets nailed in the stomach with a cleat. So I have to get back up and walk around the field, in front of all the other parents, holding my crying baby and the borrowed umbrella and trying to keep my pants from falling off with Lilly who sounds like she is going to hack up a lung. Luckily Josey decided she needed to head home even though there was only 10 minutes left in the game, with a little encouragement on my part. So I had to walk all the way back to the car in the rain with everyone and get them all settled and then head back out into the rain to retrieve my chairs and stroller and baby bag that are seriously DRENCHED.

The whole way home all three girls cried. Everyone was cold and tired and hungry and had headaches. Seriously? I don't know why I even attempted to prepare anything because it was an utter disaster and I felt like I looked like one of those frazzled, unprepared, unorganized moms that has too many kids.......oh wait I am that lady and my pants don't fit.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Such cutie pies!

So with Maddy and Josey gone all day at school. Lilly and Ivy are getting better acquainted. Lilly is liking the one on one mommy time and we are having fun playing with Ivy. Ivy is getting closer and closer to crawling. She does crawl.....she just goes backwards! She often she just keeps going until she can't go any further......as evidenced below. She was stuck under the end table but seemed rather pleased about it. Sorry for all the junk in the family room but Lilly was trying to build a fort.
That little tongue has been a semi-permanent feature on Ivy's face. She has finally broke through her first tooth and that tongue really likes to feel it I think.
You have to blow up this next picture and ignore the carrot barf all over her shirt and face but seriously check out those lashes! Lucky girl!

I just can't wait to see what she is going to look like with a little hair. It is really hard to visualize her as a little girl as bald as she is!

And my little preschooler. The first day went really great. She even ran out of the room yelling, "I love preschool!" However the second day didn't go so well. I had to leave her kicking and screaming with the teacher as I tried to walk out with a smile on my face. Even though she is my third I still walked to the car fighting back the tears! I am such a dork. But I felt so bad leaving her there like that even though she is four and really needs to break away from me a little bit. Of course she was all smiles when I came to pick her up. And she told me that she wants to go to preschool everyday and that she is going to "zoom in there!". We will see how Tuesday goes....I am preparing for the worst.

Ivy is always so happy when the cats get brought close enough for her to torture them. They are really good natured cats and even though Lilly and Ivy aren't the most gentle with them they rarely meow or scratch. In fact I am shocked sometimes when I hear them purring as Lilly has them thrown over her shoulder.

Here is my little shrimpo again. I realized today that she was wearing a newborn onsie and 0-3 month pants......she is going to be 7 months next week. Seriously? She is making it easier though for me to hold on to the baby stage since she is my last baby! However at this rate I just hope that by 5 maybe she won't still be wearing baby clothes.....just kidding.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Maddy and Josey's first day of school......FINALLY! I think we are the last ones in the entire country to start school! I forgot to snap some pictures this morning so I made the girls let me take some when they got home. If Maddy looks like she is faking her smile.....she is. She was NOT happy with me about having to take pictures when she just wanted to relax. And if they look a little haggard and hair unbrushed, I promise they looked a lot cuter this morning. She looks so cute and grown-up!
I can't believe she is starting 5th grade! That is just crazy!

Josey on the other hand was all smiles about posing for pictures.

My big thrid grader. She got the same teacher that Maddy had for the third grade so she was very happy about that.

Josey and the baby.....who didn't want to snap pictures either.
And then Lilly wanted in on the action.
How cute are they?!

Lilly started pre-school

So yesterday Lilly officially became a school girl! HURRAY!!!!! I can't tell you how long I have waited for this day!!jk She was so excited and loved loved loved it! It is a far cry from last year when she wouldn't even go to a dance class for a half hour by herself. When I picked her up she just kept yelling,"I LOVE PRESCHOOL!!" I think her favorite it part was the new school clothes. She kept doing fashion show after fashion show. All ready with her backpack and curls.
It is really fun because her cousin Bear who is three is in the same preschool. So Beck and I got to take them together and will get to carpool which will be very nice! I love this picture! Doesn't it look like Danny and Sandy from Grease.....if Bear was a little taller!

Bear was cracking us up he looked really excited.

Lilly insisted on a whole fashion shoot before we left so here are a few more poses for your enjoyment.

I am just so excited for her! She loves it and finally gets to carry her own backpack! And I get a couple hours a week with just the baby.......pure joy! More pictures to come of Josey and Maddy's first day today!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's great to be Eight!

Josey was baptized last Saturday! She was so excited and we are so proud of her! Here she is getting ready!

Josey and her dad!

This was Josey's friend who was baptized the same night.

Daddy and Lilly
My beautiful 8 year old Joselyn!
Look her stand up straight!family picture

Grandma and Grandpa Moyes
Grandma Beth
Thank you so much for everyone that came and supported Josey! We had so much fun!
Grandma and Grandpa drove for 2 days to get here and turned around basically a day later to drive home to get to Amanda who is due with her third! We love you so much and are so grateful that you could make it here for Josey!
Most of the cousins that live here now.....just missing Ivy.

Thanks so much for coming all the way out here just for the weekend mom. It was so fun to have you here and I know Josey felt so special! Love you!

We had a fun BBQ afterwards with family and friends.

It's great to be 8! Grandma and Ivy.......check out those eyes......I am not sure Ivy was very happy about this!