Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy (early) St. Patricks Day

Grandma Beth sent the BEST St. Patrick's day package for my girls! It was oozing green candy and bubbles and nail polish and ribbon and tissue paper! And these adorable shirts. But since my girls don't have school on Thursday they wanted to wear them today and I had to snap a few pictures of them after school.

Maddy got a special scarf that she decided to wear as a....tie.....?

This one is my favorite!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you don't get pinched!

Grown up furniture

So I have pretty much finished decorating my dining room. There are a few more things I would like to do but for now I think it is a 100% improvement! I wish I had a before picture but I don't. But I even had a friend come in and say, "You have grown-up furniture!" That pretty much sums it up! And I love it and can't wait to eventually decorate the other rooms in my house and feel like we actually have a home and not just a house we live in! So here is the grand unveiling......but first......my new obsession! Cool chickens!!!!! I love these and want to start collecting them I think. But they have to be funky and cool!

And here is my new and improved dining space! (I need to hem the curtains still).

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I "heart" craigslist

Here is my fantastic Craigslist find! We have been needing a new table for .....oh, I don't know.......10 years!jk But we were in serious need of new chairs and a table. Our chairs were bought about twelve years when Dustin and I were first married! And they were breaking left and right. Half of them were held together with duct tape and I decided to try and paint them.....that didn't go so well either. SO! I convinced Dustin that I could at least find new chairs for 300 dollars and he agreed so I started looking on Craiglist and this is what I stumbled upon. The table and all 6 chairs for $380! And I was able to haggle it down to $320! I am so excited to have a real table and nice chairs!

Doesn't it look perfect in my space?! I just love it and am so thankful to my fabulous husband for loading it all up last night for me even though he had a man cold (and we all know how terrible those can be!) But seriously he was really not feeling well and I really appreciate all his work for me.
Now I need a few more accessories and some drapes or something to finish off the little nook! And thanks mom for giving me the push to actually get it! Who wants to come for dinner??

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Maddy's limo ride

Maddy hit the Elementary School jackpot! For their last fund raiser they had a prize of a limo ride to lunch for everyone who sold a certain amount.......my kids did NOT sell that amount. BUT! for every 5 things you sold your name got entered into a drawing for the limo ride. And Maddy's name got pulled! She was BEYOND thrilled. So yesterday she and 7 other kids were picked up at school driven to Jack in the Box, ate lunch, and then driven back to school. She said they watched a movie and listened to music in the limo. So I popped out at Jack in the Box to snap a few pictures of the event. Her little leg says it all!

She assured Josey that next year she would help her any way she could to sell the amount she needed so she could ride the limo.