Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the cutest little girls on the block

A couple of weeks ago Maddy and Josey and Lilly begged me to have a lemonade stand. I said yes and they were elated! So we decided that Josey was going to make special brownies and Maddy was going to make cupcakes and Lilly would make the juice. They set up this whole stand in the morning with the piano bench and sign. They sat there almost all day! They were SO excited about this. So the morning of I realized that we needed cups and cupcake holders. So I told the girls that I would buy them for them on loan and they had to earn the 3 dollars back by doing extra chores for me! Aren't I a mean mom!?
It was a little slow going in the morning so of course I had to head down and buy a lot of my own baked goods.....funny how that works! I paid my kids to sell me the baked goods I bought and helped cook! But towards the end of the day business picked up! They were selling juice for 25 cents and baked goods for 50 cents and they ended up making 10 bucks! I think I might send them out there once a week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

crawling cutie

Ok......so I should reword that to almost crawling cutie. But STILL! kinda crazy! She was six months on Monday! She is such a little tiny thing that I am starting to have to feed her formula in addition to my nursing. She is a nursing machine but she isn't gaining very much..... she only weighs 13 1/2 pounds! This means she is only in the 10% for her weight. She is still on the tall side though so that is pretty good. So, much to my chagrin I am having to supplement with bottles. She started solids this month as well and is SOO funny. She doesn't much care for baby food but LOVES anything us big people are eating. But here she is about ready to crawl. I don't know how I feel about this. It is always fun and exciting to see your baby figure out how to do something new but frankly my floor isn't clean enough to have a little one everywhere! And Lego's and polly pockets are definitely going to have to be all picked up constantly.
She pops up and rocks back and forth........now if she can just figure out how to move those arms at the same time she will quit face planting into the carpet!

You are so cute Ivy Mae...even though you pooped on the couch today.....wouldn't you like to know which cushion!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My littlest soccer player

Yes that's her! I am so mad that these came out blurry. I really despise my camera! BUT! Here are the cutest pictures of Lilly on her way to her first soccer team meeting. She has been so excited to play soccer and when we got the call from her coach I thought she might just burst! So yesterday was the parent meeting. I couldn't go because I was at the cast party with Maddy and Josey at the same time so Dustin got to go with her.

I was laughing so hard because for Lilly, it was all about the outfit that she was going to wear. We found Maddy's old soccer uniform from when she was 6 and Lilly was SOOOO excited to wear it. I dragged out on old soccer cleat that was her size but I couldn't find the other one in time. But she didn't care! As you can see she wore just the one.

She had her actual soccer practice tonight and I got to take her and watch her. I wasn't sure how she was going to do because she tends to be on the shy side and if she gets in trouble for anything she is usually traumatized. But she LOVED IT! She was so in to it I think I could have disappeared and I don't think she would have noticed. She was so focused on kicking that ball and running as fast as she could it was so cute! They had a water break at one point and Lilly ran over really fast and took a drink and sprinted back to her coach and said, "Teacher! I am ready!" I hope she stays this enthusiastic about it the whole way through!

Friday, August 13, 2010

more play pictures

Here are a few more pictures from their dress rehearsal the other night. I still don't have any from Alice in Wonderland but I did get a picture of Maddy as the rabbit! So funny!

Josey wasn't supposed to be wearing her flip-flops and she refused to tuck in her shirt in ANY performances. I guess she is more a free spirit than a lawyer.

Maddy as the white rabbit. It is really hilarious because she has to change from the High School student to the white rabbit in about 3 minutes flat. So I am in the bathroom buttoning up her shirt and putting the cumber bun on etc while someone else is applying the makeup. It is really pretty funny.

Josey in a gangsta pose
Lilly in a hip-hop pose

My cute stars!
Now she looks brainy.......right?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh the talent.......

Here are a few pictures of the girls in their costumes for the plays they are in, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. Here is Maddy in her costume for Alice in Wonderland. This play was really for 12 and up but she asked Maddy to come and be a part of it. I told her I was sure she would just have a minor part to help fill in the cast but she ended up as the White Rabbit! She was so excited! I don't have any pictures of her yet in her white tuxedo and rabbit face make-up on but she is super cute. This is her costume as the High School kid before she becomes the white rabbit. And here she is as Ariana Black. She is the evil daughter of the wicked queen! She has such a fun part! She gets to be on stage lots and be SUPER SUPER bratty and whiny.

And here is Josey. She got pulled into the Alice and Wonderland cast as well to be a double for Alice's sister/cat Dinah. She is was so excited!

And here she is in most of her costume as Brainy dwarf. These were all taken at a dress rehearsal and she didn't put on her bow tie and her little round glasses but she looks so stinkin' cute in her little suit! It is seriously the cutest little three piece suit ever and the cutest little dwarf in it. She has a really fun part too with lots of funny lines. She gets to be the know-it-all and she does such a great job! She says she looks like a lawyer with her glasses, her hair in a bun and her briefcase she gets to carry around. I will post some more pictures from their actual performances when I get a few more together.

We have their last three performances this weekend.....hallelujah! It has been fun but a really busy summer with these plays. I think even the girls are excited that they will be over soon. Then they get to start joining me at the Stake musical Hello Dolly rehearsals for the show in October. Lilly is so excited for Hello Dolly because this is "her play". And they all get to start soccer soon. All three in soccer.......I am really nervous about practice and game schedules conflicting. We have never done this before and I am really not sure how we are going to do it!Then at the end of October they get to audition for Annie! They are SOOOO excited for Annie. It is one play after the other! I hope we don't all get burnt out! I know Dustin is already burnt out but us girls are still having fun! Don't ask me again around Thanksgiving time.........

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My sweet Joselyn

I found these pictures off of my sister-in-laws blogs and they were so cute and funny of Josey I couldn't help but steal them. She is such a sweet goofball and I adore her!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

How Cute Is This?

I found Lilly and Winston cuddling the other day and couldn't resist taking a picture. And he was really happy! I thought maybe she was forcing him into that position but he was actually really happy right there. Too cute!