Thursday, October 28, 2010

The cutest little black/purple kitty

Lilly is the first of the Halloween costumes to unveil. She has her first Halloween party today and she is SO excited! We decided to have semi-homemade costumes this year just cause we thought it would be fun. So you will have to wait to see the others! And for the record these were all her posing ideas......

And by the way she already has the attitude so she will not be wearing this at sixteen I will insist that she is a clown......

Monday, October 18, 2010

long random picture post

These are the pictures from Dustins new IPhone. And since I have misplaced my camera YET again at least there are some on Dustin's phone. I need to get me one of these phones! These pictures are long and random and I don't have time to commentate but ENJOY!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good-Bye Dolly

Here are the stars of Hello Dolly.....okay we thought so anyway! I finally snapped a few pictures on the closing night of the play. This was during intermission after one of my WONDERFUL dancing numbers (which by the way I FELL on stage one night....a little embarrassing! But a good story!), so I am a little hot and sweaty! But I am so proud of my girls for sticking it out and finishing it with me. It was a lot of time this month and crazy crazy schedules but hopefully we created some fun memories!

This is us in our costumes for "Before the Parade Passes By" including a flag from the parade.
And here we are in our costumes for "Put on Your Sunday Clothes"......not a whole lot different huh? They were cute though. In this number I had 7 little girls all dresses in yellow with yellow bows and skirts and sashes (I didn't put the girls back on) and we paraded on stage and curtsied. It was very cute.
This ones for you mom!
Such a trooper! No one could believe how well behaved she was on stage. She would even SMILE! It was seriously the cutest thing!
My niece Claudia. We got to know each other VERY well over the last 6 weeks or so. I am glad I had that time to really get to know her! Love you Claudia!
Striking a pose on stage after the play.

This was "fake daddy" as my girls liked to call him. We were paired up a lot as a family on stage. Josey told me she was going to miss Peter after the show. He was very nice to my girls and fun to dance with.

My girls had their own little room to watch movies in and eat snacks and color. One night I had to go back out on stage with out them and Lilly was having a hard time so the costume director came in and drew a picture for her on the chalk board. The girls thought it was the BEST drawing they had ever seen so they had to leave it up the whole time. Maddy didn't want to erase it so I told her we could take a picture of it to remember. Thanks Sally!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

busy busy

I found it! Hurray! So I snapped some pictures of Ivy yesterday in all her busy-ness. And I will get some pictures of the girls playing soccer and of Hello Dolly this weekend. Boy am I glad I found it!
Ivy has become the little busy bee around our house. She is getting quit good at getting around and wants to stand up on EVERYTHING! I found her under the table, where she found some chocolate chips someone had dropped. I am not sure that was the best thing for her to eat but I guess we will find out! She was in heaven though!

Then she saw the camera and made a bee line.

And this is my favorite! Check out those little teeth!
Then she headed over to the couch. I just think this looks so funny because she is SO little!

Then she was off and getting into niece Julia's homework.
Doesn't she already look so guilty!
And lastly I just had to show you the awesome cutting board my brother-in-law made me! I love it! Thanks Ryan!