Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy (belated) Birthday to Maddy

Last Friday was Maddy's 9th birthday. Unfortunately we were so busy with everything going on that weekend that I didn't get a chance to sit down and blog about my beautiful baby girl....because isn't that how we always see them? I can hardly believe that she is 9 years old.

Unfortunately our camera wasn't working so we didn't get any pictures on her birthday! Hopefully my dad got some? So here are a few....okay a lot..... of my favorite pictures of her throughout the years.

We love you so much Maddy! I promise to take lots and lots of pictures at your slumber party this weekend! Happy Birthday!

tid bits

Here are just a few other tid bits that are going around our house lately......

Maddy with our new pet rat whiskers. BB died a couple of weekends ago....oddly enough while I was away. So we decided on a small rat and he is SOOO much better! He is really sweet and actually seems to like being held. We were told that rats were the best rodent pets and that they were really smart but I just couldn't bring myself to buy one last time. However BB our hamster was extremely hard to handle and I am glad that we went with the rat this time. Here are my two cute softball players.

And Lilly naming all of her horses.

musical performances

Recently we have had two musical performances for the girls to sing in. And while they have a great time and I am thankful that they have music in their schools and a really nice fun music teacher I still sort of wish they could have combined the grades together. Because after you find parking and then wait around for it to start it seems a little anti-climactic to watch three songs and be done with it....but oh well.

the tulip festival

One of our most favorite things in the whole world is heading out to Woodburn and going to the tulip festival. We were able to go last weekend when my dad and Susan were here visiting. It was as expected just breathtakingly gorgeous! Here are few pictures off my dads camera because ours has been on the fritz. It was a great day to go as well. We were able to go on Thursday since there was no school and there weren't very many people there. It was a little cold but the sun kept peaking out from behind the clouds making all the tulips practically glow! It was amazing. We were glad we actually got to take someone with us this year!

After we walked all around the fields we headed over to the little play area, where Maddy and Josey got to do this.....

They thought this was about the most fun thing they had ever done.
They also got to ride the little cow train and loved it. I let Lilly go by herself this time and I have to say I was REALLY nervous! But she absolutely loved it.

And they really enjoyed the horsie tire swing.

Then later that night we headed over for the girls softball practice. Grandpa was so nice to entertain Lilly the whole time.