Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I finally finished the book!!! And I loved it. Thank you to everyone who kept the secret from me I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I wanted to show everyone what an exciting life I lead. I was babysitting Josey's hermit crabs while she was playing at a friends. I thought the hermit crabs looked so sad in their cheap little cage I got them (I am cheap so I bought them the cheapest smallest cage, not the nicest thing to do for them). So I built them a hermit crab playground to excerize their limbs and have a little bit of crazy fun! Now you all know why I have so many posts on my blog so often........this is my life.
Here is Kitten hanging out under the palm tree.

And here is Spots (this is his third shell and when Josey named him he was in a spotted one, he loves to change shells) lounging by the pool.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Curly Hair

I just wanted to show you that I might have had SOMETHING to do with Lilly'e curly hair. I am being brave to put this picture on here I just got back from running which is why I look the way I do. BUT it was sprinkling and my hair got a little curly around the edges! Check out the ringlet ot the bottom. So exciting to think that I might have had something to do with what my daughters look like!


I am still waiting for Dustin to read Harry Potter with me...... only two more days, and it is driving me crazy! I did have a moment of weakness and I snuck and read the first chapter which Dustin found out about and gave me a guilt trip about. BUT I felt it was only fair considering he snuck out and saw the fifth movie and didn't tell me so I think we are even now.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I was making Sunday toast and hot chocolate(Dustin started this at our house years ago, apparently a Moyes tradition?). It doesn't matter that it is like 85 degrees in our house we still have to have the hot chocolate. The girls were running around in their underwear, and one in her birthday suit, because it was so hot. You are all lucky I didn't include me in the picture, no one wants to know what I was running around in (jk). They were playing in the living room really good together and I peeked around the corner and this is what I saw.......

I wasn't thrilled that Lilly was up on the piano bench but it was such a cute picture that I grabbed my camera. I also recorded the audio so you can understand what is played in my house AT LEAST once a day. My girls are obsessed with the song and they were getting into it here, especially Josey with that hair toss. I think sometimes they think they are really playing it!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

2:00 AM

I had to let everyone know out there that I was in line at Barnes and Noble till 2:00 in the morning for my book!!!!!!!!!!!!! The silliest part is that I can't even read it for another week because Dustin and I promised that we would wait until the bar was over so we can read it together. I don't know how I am going to exersize that much self control when it is sitting next to my bed taunting me. IT IS SOOOO HARD! Anyway Dustin was always the one who went and got the other books in the middle of the night and I wanted to experience it once. It was quite the experience. I talked my friend into going to Barnes and Noble instead of the local grocery store because I thought it would be more fun. We had a good time but I felt REALLY bad when we got there and they were giving everyone alphabet number wrist bands and we were all the way down to S. We had to go get in line and we were literally on the other side of the mall! And apparently they had all these festivities that we totally missed and I was kinda bummed about that. Oh well, we are moms there with no children it could have been a little embarrassing trying to show up and win the costume contest but I was a little tempted! We had a good time but I am exhausted today partially because of being up so late but Maddy also had a sleepover last night and of course they woke up at 6:30! What is that all about?! I didn't exactly get up with them that early but I still was half awake making sure no one was getting into trouble. ANYWAY I am so excited to read the book and find out what happens! Don't tell me what happens and don't call to talk to me about till at least next Friday. I love Harry Potter and I am not ashamed to blog about it.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Moyes

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Moyes for the new birthday build-a-bear. Josey decided to get a new build-a-bear with the money that you sent her for her birthday. It took her a long time to decide and we had to go back and forth between the Disney store and Build-a-bear a few times but she finally decided on Claire Bear Moyes and is very pleased with her purchase. The girls decided to get out all of their bears from build-a-bear and play with them and we decided to take a picture. Any spare money they have from birthdays and Christmas or anything like that they spend at build-a-bear. I think we are keeping them in business. They each have five now.
SO FUNNY! When we were at the mall I had to stop at See's Candy and get a free sample. Lilly kept saying "yummy!" so I gave her a piece and we went on our way. About fifteen minutes later as we were looking at clothes in Buil-a-bear a lady walked by just laughing looking at Lilly. I looked down and had COMPLETELY forgot that I gave her a piece of chocolate and it was all over her face, hands and shirt. It was no wonder she had been so content for so long in her stroller. I had to take her into the bathroom and basically hose her down. It was dark chocolate too so it was so messy. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. This is the remnants on her shirt and I just think this picture is so funny because she looks like she has no neck and her body looks completely unporportional because of the way she is sitting in this chair. She loves the chair and normally I have it turned around so she can't climb onto it and stand up but Daddy let her sit in it today and she was so happy if you couldn't tell.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Joselyn's 5 years of birthdays

July 2002
July 2003

July 2004

July 2005

July 2006

July 2007

Happy Birthday Joselyn!

Happy 5th Birthday to Josey! I can't believe that she is five. It just seems to go by so fast. I finally had Dustin take a picture with me in it but of course it was at the very end of the day when I was exhausted from everything we did that day. Looking pretty! I need to take a picture in the morning when I am fresh and maybe I might actually like a picture with me in it.
My girls adore their daddy. He is superman to them and can do NO wrong. All Josey wanted today was to spend some time by herself with Daddy. Unfortunately Dustin is studying for the bar in a week and he really didn't have much time but they did get to go on a walk together. She just wanted to take a picture with daddy first thing in the morning so here it is. This was Josey's choice of outfit for the day. She had her party dress on before we ate breakfast. She loves this dress and wears it any chance she can. She even wanted to sleep in it but I talked her into putting her jammies on. She wanted the red flower in her hair as well. This is the pose that she wanted to be in for the picture. I think she is supposed to be dancing. She is so cute.
These are the flowers Dustin picked for her for her birthday. She was so excited to have her own flowers in a vase she immediately took them up to her room by the bed. Dustin brought me some of these flowers the other day and they were by my bed and she thought that was pretty cool that we had the same flowers by our bed.

Maddy and I decorated Josey's room last night while she was asleep so she would wake up to a special birthday room and she was so excited. I am not sure if I am ever going to be able to take it all down without causing serious trauma. She got to wear a special ribbon all day so that everyone would know today was Josey's 5th birthday. She LOVED the ribbon.
Lilly loved running though the streamers on the door.

We tried take 2 of going out to lunch without mommy passing out this time and being rushed to the hospital. Kinda a downer when you are waiting for your ice cream sundae. Things went better this time and we had no serious drama. After lunch the girls played with some of their toys they bought at DI and Lilly had fun stealing the blocks that the girls were trying to build with. Look at that mischevious grin. Doesn't she look amused.

This was Josey's cake, designed and decorated by her. She had the funfetti cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting with four different kinds of sprinkles and some flowers from outside. She was SO proud and I have to say that for me to have a cake that comes out resembling a cake I was pretty proud as well.
Joselyn really wanted some sort of surprise for her birthday. She kept suggesting that Daddy take her for a walk or something so that when she came back in she would be surprised. So, Daddy took her for a quick walk after dinner and she came back in and Maddy, Lilly and I yelled surprise! Oddly enough I actually think she was surprised! She walked into her presents and cake on the table waiting for her.

She stuck the candles in herself if you couldn't tell. She made her wish and then blew out her candles and I asked her what her wish was and she said she wished that we could all be there together. I have the cheesiest kids but sweet.

This was the hit of the birthday presents. Josey's new pet hermit crabs. She has named them Kitty and Spots and she LOVES them. So does Maddy.
You have to blow this picture up it is seriously creepy. It is like a big spider crawling out of a shell. You can even see it's eyes looking into the camera. I can't hold them it creeps me out to much but the girls love to hold them and let them crawl all over their hands.

We had a fun day and I know Josey felt special on her special day. Her birthday party is in a couple of weeks with her friends and to be honest at this point I am not looking forwar too much to all the work of a luau. Luckily the bar will be over and Dustin will be there to entertain the kids, he is good at that.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I just had to add that Maddy called my mom this morning to tell her all about the fire station and the fire truck and about how fun it was because she got to meet real fire fighters. When my mom asked her why she was at the fire station she couldn't remember! What is up with that? I guess my role in this family is not as impacting as I thought....take her or leave her.

Josey, Red Robin, and the hospital

Well we had quite an interesting day yesterday. It started off really good. I have been sick the last couple of days and the doctor called yesterday morning to let me know that I had strep throat. I had already started the anti-biotic so I was relieved that was what it was hoping that it would begin to be cleared up soon. But let me tell you it has been EXCRUTIATING! Anyway a long time ago we were eating at Red Robin and we signed the girls up for the kids club. So yesterday Joselyn got a special email from Red Robin himself wishing her a happy birthday and gave her a free kids meal. She was beyond excited because it was about her birthday and she couldn't believe Red Robin (who by the way she has no idea who that is) knew her name and wished her a happy birthday. So we told her we would go out to lunch today and she could get her kids meal. I took a couple of strong pain killers and tried to get through the day. I told the girls to get ready to go. Joselyn went upstairs and came down wearing her red velvet and satin Christmas dress from last year with a white sweater and let me remind you that it was over a hundred degrees today. She had put some of my make-up on as well and brushed her hair "into the style she liked" and was so proud and ready to get her birthday lunch. She then proceeded to look for her shiniest shoes. She told me we needed to stop at the store before we go because she needed to get some shiny shoes. I told her no. It was really cute though so I had to take a picture of her in her dress with her special email.

I wish the story ended there but unfortunately the restaurant experience turned bad. Before we left for Red Robin I took another couple of pain killers becuase I was beginning to be in a lot of pain again. As we went to leave I started to feel really dizzy and light headed and just not normal. We got to the restaurant and we were sitting there waiting for our food and I realized that I was either going to throw up or pass out. I like to pick the most public or embarrasing places to do this generally so this was perfect! So I did infact pass out at the table and THEN proceeded to throw up , in a bag thankfully, in front of the whole restaurant. We had quite a crowd around us by then and it was completely embarrasing. The funniest part about it was that Maddy and Josey were oblivious to anything going on with me. They were just eating and talking and laughing and totally unconcerned with anything that was happening to me. Maddy kept saying, "No more seafood for mom". I have NO IDEA what she was talking about. So we think the worst is over and everything calms down and then the paramedics shows up because someone called an ambulance. SO they rush in and take all my vitals again making a big scene and try to talk me into going to the hospital with them. So they finally leave and we try to get back to eating but I just could not get normal. I continued to feel extremely lightheaded and dizzy and almost passed out a couple more times. Meanwhile the girls are having a grand time eating and talking with the server that sat down with them it was really funny. So I convince Dustin to just try and take me home and that I needed to just lay down for a little bit. So we get the van and are on our way home and I start passing out again. At this point Dustin decides that we are going to the hospital UNFORTUNATELY we don't know where the hospital is, note:find out where the hospital is when you move to a new place. So we stop at the fire station. The firefighters get an IV going and call an ambulance and I end up having to take an ambulance to the hopsital anyway. The girls started getting a little concerned at this point but then one of the fire fighters gave them hats and stickers and was showing them the fire truck and again they could have cared less. I guess that was a good thing. So anyway everything was fine all the tests came back normal. The doctor thinks is was just a combination of not having eaten or drank much over the last couple of days due to my throat and taking some strong pain killers and the hot weather etc. And I was able to get out of there pretty quickly. Anyway that was our fun day yesterday that started off so cute and ended so ugly. I am just praying that nobody else get this strain of strep because it has been one of the most painful things EVER!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh you must have been a beautiful baby

Lilly is such a girlie girl and I love it! She loves shoes and purses and bracelets and necklaces. She is constantly bringing me shoes to put on even when she has shoes on. She will bring me Maddy and Josey's pretty shoes as well and try to walk in them. She always wants to wear bracelets and necklaces and just walks around saying "pitty" (pretty). If she finds a hairclip she tries to stick it in her hair or she brings it to me and wants me to put it in her hair. This morning I found this headband on the floor as I was cleaning up and I stuck it in my hair to keep it back. Well she saw me put it in and came over clammering for me to hold her. So I picked her up and she went right for the headband and took it off and tried to put it in her own hair. So I put it on her head. Then she kinda forgot about it and it was falling out so I carefully took it off of her without her noticing and put it back in my hair. Well she looked at me a minute later and noticed I was wearing the headband. She touched her head and gave me this look like "how dare you" and went to pull it out of my hair again. She put it back on her head and I fixed it for her. So this is her wearing her pretty blue headband and me with my hair in my face (I purposely left me out of the picture). She looks so cute though. I just love her.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Birthday Girlzilla

I have created a monster. I know that there is no one to blame but myself being that I love planning birthday parties and holidays but Joselyn has teken it to a new level. I guess I should have predicted this behavior given her obsessive/ compulsive tendencies but it is really funny. She is absolutely OBSESSED with her 5th birthday party. I took her to the party store about a week ago to look at party themes and get some ideas for what kind of birthday party she wanted even though we aren't having until the first weekend in August. There is just too much going on this month and we can't fit it in so we have to wait until August which she is not too pleased about. Anyway she was in heaven that we were at the party store just for her! She decided on a Luau theme and I told her we would go home and think of some ideas and look up some products on the computer. She CAN'T STOP! Everday she wants to sit down and talk about her party, what games we are going to play, who she is going to invite, what she is going to wear, she is a monster. I think she must have secretly been watching "My Sweet Sixteen" on the sly because that is what she has turned into. So I finally sat down with her yesterday to talk about her birthday (I mean she literally can't sleep at night because she is so excited and obsessed with the birthday). We talked about the games etc. Then she came up with her best idea yet. She told me that she wanted to lay a red carpet down the stairs and out the door so that she can walk down it in front of everyone and she would be wearing her bathing suit, the one with the little skirt that goes with it, because she has obviously given this a lot of thought. That is where I ended the conversation and took a breather. Needless to say she is driving me CRAZY! So my mom gave me a good idea to make her a little party book of her own that she can look at when her obsessive nature is getting the best of her and then I don't have to sit and talk to her about it all day. So I made her a book of things that we might do or decorate with etc. at her party and she LOVES it. She actually slept with it this morning and she keeps adding things to it, like her home made invitations that she is so proud of because she made them herself. Never mind telling her friends when the party is or where but they are really cute and she did a good job. Anyway I just thought it was pretty funny. I don't know what I am going to do in the future. She definately has her ideas of how things are going to be and that should be interesting. Here is her little book of party ideas. Thanks for the advice mom.
This is her favorite page to look at, they are the party favors.