Friday, August 29, 2008

I was busy last night.....and so were the snails.

Look what I made! I love them! I have been looking for some hair clips for the girls for school and I just haven't wanted to spend the money on clips that I don't think are that cute. And if they are that cute they are more money than I want to spend. So I thought I would go to Michael's and see if I could just make some. They may not be as cute as the cutest ones in the store but they were a heck of a lot cheaper and kinda fun to make. Next I will go with blues and greens and purples. I don't know how to do bows yet (even though I know there are some of you out there that are experts at this) but I wasn't sure if Maddy and even Josey really wanted to way big bows in their hair. I may try those though!

I need to clean up some of the glue.
Look what we woke up to this morning! Do we have rabbits or snails?!
What do you think, should I dispose of this one? Or let them hatch? That is quite a lot of baby snails in our small tank!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our new arrivals!!

Well we have multiplying snails! Who knew? When my mom was here back in May she bought Josey a couple of snails that she had been coveting at the pet store for months that I was refusing to buy her (and a fish but we won't talk about that). You can check that post here. Well they are still alive and thriving....apparently. When we got back from California we had a weird little egg sack hanging from the top of the tank. I quickly looked it up on the Internet and I found some picture that looked just like our little egg sack that said they were snail eggs. SO WEIRD! So we have been waiting for them to hatch. And today they hatched! Josey was so excited. She said, "I'm a new mom!" And Maddy said, "Well.....not really." And then Josey said, "Okay....I'm a new step mom!!" Too funny!

Dustin has had a hard time even looking at the tank since the eggs were layed. They REALLY creep in out! Anyway the problem now is that I can't clean out the tank because the little snails are so tiny that I can barely see them. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do, but Josey is excited!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, Ronald McDonald

On Saturday the local McDonald's was having a back-to-school party where the Happy Meals were only 1.50. So I had told the girls that we would go to McDonald's' for lunch on Saturday and they were very excited all week. When we got there they were giving out back-to-school goodie bags and Ronald McDonald was there. Had anyone actually met Ronald McDonald? In all my years going to McDonald's I have NEVER ran into Mr. McDonald. But there he is... Dustin didn't want to wait in line to get the back-to-school bags but the girls were to excited to I waited with them while he went in and ordered the food. The best part for Josey was that they were giving out Star Wars toys. She is obsessed with Star Wars and has been for a little while now. She was SO excited that she got Luke and she continuously kissed him all the way to the car when we were leaving.

This is what Dustin taught the girls to do with their Happy Meal boxes. Very entertaining.
The best part was that I have really already got all the school supplies the girls need so I was able to take back the stuff they gave us in the goodie bags (and yes I am THAT cheap) and then it was really just like we got a free lunch at Mickey Dees. Nothing like a free lunch.

Friday, my two year old decides to pierce her own ears...

Well on Friday I woke up to Maddy in really bad pain in her ear. I went to loot at her ear and it was full of puss and blood! GREAT! That explained why she wanted to go home from the amusement park the night before. She had said her head hurt. So I quickly called the doctor and they said they could get her in if we came RIGHT NOW. So I threw everyone in the car at 9:30 and rushed over to the doctors offices. Of course it was a nasty ear infection and we started her on antibiotics and ear drops. I am still waiting for her to feel much better though. (She has an appointment with an ENT in 2 weeks to figure what is up with her ear).

Anyway before the doctor can even see Maddy, Lilly decided she wants a piercing. They had pulled open the bottom drawer in the counter full of books and toys for the kids to play with. Lilly goes to stand up and loses her balance and slams into the corner of the drawer and it cuts a hole right through the top on her ear! She was so upset and there was blood everywhere. The nurses and doctors are a little concerned because it went all the way through the cartilage and they don't want it to get infected and turn into some ugly wrestling cauliflower ear. So I have to wait there for a little and ice it and get another doctor to look at it only to have them send me over to an ENT close by.

We leave that doctors office and go right into the other office to have the ENT look at Lilly's ear. He decides not to put stitches in it, thankfully, but he has to vigorously scrub it clean. This was not fun let me tell you! Luckily I was able to hold Lilly still enough so that we didn't have to papoose her. So he put her on a round of antibiotics to hopefully prevent any infection and some heavy medicated cream to put on it. He also told me that I needed to scrub her ear everyday close to that is REALLY going to happen.

So we finally got home around 2:00 and 40 dollars later. I put Lilly down for a nap and tried to work a little and then it was off to Walmart to pick up our now 5 prescriptions waiting for us. So I arrived home at about 6:30 and 175 dollars later with two girls and two hurt ears. In the words of my sister-in-law recently, when it rains it pours.

Thursday, Oaks Park

The girls participated in the local library's reading program this summer and so this is where we got a discounted ticket to go, Oaks Park. It is a little amusement park. And this was our first time. The girls had SO MUCH FUN!
Here we are on the little choo-choo train. Look at the excitement on Lilly's face, priceless!

I don't know why Maddy is making this face because she was having a really good time. Lilly cracks me up in this picture with her popping her little head around.
This was Maddy and Josey's favorite ride. It looked kinda scary to me but I talked Maddy into riding it because Josey was determined to ride it. She wanted to go on it all by herself but I thought they would have a better time together. I was right! They went on it over and over and over again.

Including in the admission ticket was a free session of roller skating as well! Josey took to it like running while Maddy.....had a little rougher time catching on. I felt kinda bad because she was having a hard time watching Josey skate around and around while she wouldn't leave the wall. She was just too nervous to actually try it without holding on to something. Since I had Lilly I couldn't go on the floor as help. Besides the fact I was wearing a skirt. Not exactly what you want to fall down in at the roller rink. I did get some skates for Lilly to put on because she wanted to be like her big sisters. I LOVE this picture of her. She looks so grown-up.

More rides.....
and more rides...
and more rides....
and more rides! We got there at about one in the afternoon and Josey and I were there until about 8:30! Maddy and Lilly went home with daddy when he came after work. More about why Maddy went home early in another post.
Maddy is cracking me up. She is in that awkward stage where she was technically too big to ride this ride (the technician told he would make an exception) but she had more fun than any other kid on the ride!

With the reading program we also got a tickets to a Blazers game and a gift card to Barnes and Noble, amont other things. I took the girls to pick out some books at Barnes and Noble with thier gift cards. We came out with 2 Pokemon books, 2 Star Wars books and a book entitled "I Love Sharks". Do I have three girls or three boys?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jessica through the ages....and genders

My friend had this website on her facebook and it was cracking me up so I thought I would see what I would have looked like in the yearbooks of past. The website is These were some of my favorites and the years that they supposedly would have been: Jessica Reber Senior 1950 (aka Josephine Jones?)

Jessica Reber Senior 1954

Jessica Reber Senior 1958

Jessica Reber Senior 1962

Jessica Reber Senior 1970

Jessica Reber Senior 1976

Jessica Reber Senior 1982

Jessica Reber Senior 1984

Jessica Reber Senior 1990

Jessica Reber Senior 1994 ( I think this might actually be a picture of me.....but it was more like 1991.)

This is what I would have looked like as a guy ( I seriously can't stop laughing when I look at these, cause a couple of them REALLY look like men.....but like me!) I warn you (especially my husband) that you may not ever look at me the same after seeing these photos. AND I am going to copy one off and carry it aound with me so when anyone ever tells me that I should cut my hair really short I can whip out the picture and change their minds.

Jesse Reber Senior 1950

Jesse Reber Senior 1954

Jesse Reber Senior 1962

Jesse Reber Senior 1988 (aka Ryan Hatch)

I TOTALLY would have dated myself if I was a guy! jk

Now you all know whats coming next......

Dustin Moyes Senior 1950

Dustin Moyes Senior 1962

Dustin Moyes Senior 1964

Dustin Moyes Senior 1974 (totally my favorite one of him.)

Dustin Moyes senior 1978 (brady bunch anyone?)

Dustin Moyes Senior 1980

Dustin Moyes Senior 1982

Dustin Moyes Senior 1988

Dustin Moyes Senior 1994 (this actually looks like a photograph of him doesn't it?)

Dustin Moyes Senior 1996

And then I couldn't leave Dustin out of all the fun. So here is Dustin as a woman. Dustin is a hard one to make look like a woman, because......he just doesn't. Unless he is wearing pearls and a dress he just looks like a man with long styled hair. But these were pretty funny anyway.

Destiny Moyes Senior 1960

Destiny Moyes Senior 1974

Destiny Moyes Senior 1978

Destiny Moyes Senior 1986

Cutest Couple 1994 is.......

Jesse Reber and Destiny Moyes

And last but not least.....scroll down....





Even if you gained 200 hundred pounds, grew hair, and then got a REALLY bad haircut look how cute you would still be!