Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the temple

One of favorite things to do is walking around the temple together. So since it was supposed to be sunny last Sunday we decided to get ready for church early and take a trip out to the temple. It was so beautiful!

Monday, April 18, 2011


This is Ivy's new hat and she loves it! Grandma Moyes got it for her when we were there last and it makes her so happy to wear it. I took the girls to see Rio in 3D and since then they have been obsessed with wearing the glasses! It is so funny!

Even Ivy loves them!


random....and Lilly turns 5!

Lilly had a birthday......and I didn't get ANY PICTURES!! Isn't that so sad?? We had a party for her on Saturday and we about 10 5 year olds and then we ended up with older"helpers" for my older girls rounding out the kid total to about 16! It was crazy!! And to top it all off, the cat had climbed in the car and someone had closed the door and then the cat locked the car and the keys were in it.....and we don't have a spare. SO Dustin spent most of the day trying to get the car unlocked and it was a nightmare. All I can say is thank you thank you to my awesome brother-in-law that can freakishly fix ANYTHING! So I couldn't find the camera and Dustin was preoccupied and so we only got a couple of pictures. But she had a blast! Here a few pictures from latter that night.
My big 5 year old! This is Lilly in her "robolegs". Many of you know that she has a problem only walking on her toes. So we have been going to physical therapy and she has started wearing these splints at night. Next week she will get the ones she wears during the day. She has been so great about wearing them and actually seems to kinda like them! She thinks they make her look like a robot and so she turns into half robot half girl when she wears them and she loves that!

And here are a few random cute shots of my baby, getting so big!

beach trip

We decided to take a little weekend family getaway a few weekends back. We had so much fun just hanging out as a family and going to the beach and the aquarium.

We had a blast! However we forgot how hard it is to do ANYTHING with a one year old. I think we will wait a couple of years before we do this again!