Thursday, April 29, 2010

1,000,000 + 1 pictures

So this post is really for grandmas and grandpas that don't get to see their newest granddaughter because they live too far away. And really I couldn't just choose one.....they are my babies!

Lilly really wanted to hold Ivy today and Ivy was being so good I grabbed the camera and then couldn't stop taking pictures!

Then I laid her on the couch and pretty soon we started having a conversation.....Ivy and I.

Then we got Lilly to stop dancing for a minute to get in on the action.

However the chipmunks song came on and duty called!

And then our conversation came to an end.

She is absolutely my smiliest baby and it is so fun. I wouldn't say she has been my happiest baby but man can she smile!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 weeks today

How cute is this......

I seriously just want to squeeze them all they are so cute! I love my girls and I love how much they love each other (most of the time). They all adore Ivy. I think she is the luckiest little sister in the whole world to have such loving big sisters. She is 10 weeks today and I can't believe it. She is getting to be SO much easier and I am so thankful. I wasn't sure if we were going to make it through those first few weeks but she is becoming more and more fun every day. I even got her to chuckle today! YEAH!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tooth fairy Shmooth Fairy

I am beginning to hate this tradition and I want to know who started it? Who wanted to give parents ONE more thing to have to remember at night and have to TRY and sneak around without their kids finding out? Who decided that kids don't already cost enough money that we should give them more money for losing a gross little piece of bone? HUH?! Cause I want to let them know that I had too many teeth lost this week to keep up. Where is the tooth fairy supposed to come up with this kind of cash? I don't even usually HAVE any cash hanging around the house. So when somebody loses a tooth I have to go to the STORE to get MONEY to sneak into their bedroom. AND AND! Why do they have to put it under their pillow? Can we make it any harder? To have to fish around for that little tiny tooth without waking anyone up and replace it with coins or dollars just seems sort of mean. Josey lost 2 teeth in the last week. Of course the tooth fairy forgot to come the first night because the tooth fairy was TOO TIRED TO REMEMBER. And so after having to make a "reminder call" the tooth fairy delegated the responsibilities out to another magical mister. But this pinch hitter forgot to even take the teeth! How confusing was that for the toothless one?

Then Maddy lost a tooth on her birthday.... that was is now Monday and the tooth fairy still has not remembered and even if she did she has no cash in her pockets. Maybe this was a fun tradition for someone with one mouth to feed and I mean to feed with coins, but it has just become an awful guilt inducing chore for me with 4 mouths to feed. And with inflation.....come on can you really only give them a quarter anymore? By the time Ivy is losing teeth she is going to be getting like 20 bucks a tooth! Alright I am going to go rob Maddy's piggy bank to pay her for her lost tooth right now before I forget tonight.......I will replace the money......maybe.....if she notices.

And just for good measure, her preferred way of walking around the house.

Happy Birthday Maddy!

She is finally in the double digits! She was most excited about that I think! Here she is birthday morning with her new outfit and decorated door. She was so happy it was finally her birthday! And as you can tell she had already been wearing her new birthday outfit because you can see a little breakfast already on her shirt........oh well.
We aren't doing parties this year so I asked her what she would like to do for her birthday. She decided on a sleep over with her best friend Kelly. So we had yummy snacks and a good movie and she spent the afternoon playing away and then the night time playing away as well. She was so worried that I forgot to decorate her door that she said she peeked out early that morning and was so happy to see bows and balloons she closed the door quickly, went back to bed and didn't even notice the present on the ground outside her door. It was her new birthday outfit.
We decided to head over to Ag Fest for the day and luckily Kelly was able to join us. We had a fun day looking and petting farm animals, getting LOTS of little plants and trees to take home and lots and lots of walking around the fair grounds. And between trying to keep the two youngest ones happy I didn't manage to get many pictures! Ooops! If you notice in this picture though, Maddy found these old 3D glasses and decided to pop the lenses out and she LOVES them and wore them all day! She even wanted to wear them to church and school but I told her I didn't think that was a good idea.

Since it was my birthday as well Dustin granted me my one birthday wish, that I didn't have to cook or clean on my birthday. So we went out to dinner and I didn't lift a finger.....of course no one really lifted a finger either so I am kinda paying for it today but it was good to be in denial for one day. Maddy insisted that she shouldn't have to do chores on her birthday either so it was a trickle down effect! She stopped at Baskin Robbins to pick up her favorite Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream cake. I didn't even get any pictures of her presents or anything! It was a tragic picture taking birthday I guess.

She got her very own CD player for her room, a build-a-bear, some outfits for it, a frog habitat (and Dustin even found her a frog to put in it the next day), a new DS game that teaches her how to cook with lots of fun recipes, and a texting thinga majiger. She also lost a tooth on her birthday! Unfortunately as I type this I realize that the tooth fairy has still forgotten to come....and it's Monday! I am going to make another post about that!
Happy Birthday my first born! You are such a delightful young lady. I love to hear all your stories and hear the great things that come out of your mouth. You are growing up into such a lovely young woman. I love that we have started to be able to laugh at the same things. You crack me up! You are so smart and funny and kind and sweet I can't believe that you are mine. Love you birthday twin!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ivy's check-up

Ivy Mae Moyes
10lbs. 15oz.
2 months old

I had Ivy's check-up/first round of shots today and I was so pleased to find out that she is almost 11lbs! So there! to all you ladies out there that keep telling me that she is SOOO tiny. So there to the lady who thought she was 2 weeks old.....last week. So there to the lady that said she was as big as her twins when they were born at 2lbs. So there to the lady who asked if you were a preemie. YOU JUST DON'T REMEMBER PEOPLE! I know you think you do, but you don't. BABIES ARE SMALL....REALLY.....REALLY SMALL! Otherwise they wouldn't be able to come out!

This picture right here looks a lot like Grandpa Moyes to me and Maddy as a baby. I don't know what it is....maybe the bow in the hair. :)

She was cracking me up when we were getting ready to head to the doctor. Of course when I pulled out the camera I didn't really get any cute faces but she is still cute! She HATED her shots. I have had some babies that seem to tolerate their shots a little better than others. This baby has a temper on her! Her face was as red as a tomato! I wish I had had my camera then, she was so mad!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My fashion model Lilly

So today we had a brief moment of baby Ivy being asleep and Maddy and Josey still at school and mommy not so exhausted that all she can do is sit and watch a movie or read a book with Lilly. I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me she wanted to play fashion pose model. So we headed outside and here is what ensued. She walked all around our yard telling me where she wanted her picture taken and doing different poses for me. She is so funny!

I love you Lilly!