Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When did she get so big?

So I have started Ivy on solid food these last couple of weeks. I thought she was going to LOVE it because she has wanted to eat whatever I am eating forever! She already drinks out of my cup. If I take a drink, Ivy has to take a drink. But surprisingly she didn't really enjoy the rice cereal. I tried it a couple of times mixing in bananas and such hoping that was the problem but still no luck. So today I pulled out straight bananas and warmed them up (per my mother's instructions) and then I started eating them.Ivy watched me and started acting like she wanted them. She ate half the jar! I would give her a few bites and then take a bite and she would look so thrilled that I was eating her food. Here she is eating real food!
I decided to try and sit her up in her swing and see if she liked it. These next few shots you have to look at her CRAZY eyes! It is hilarious! They get crazier and crazier!

How cute does she look though?! She is growing up so fast!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Luke has a brother....

Okay..... I know these are a lot of pictures of our little kitties, but they were SO cute! And yes I said KITTIES as in more than one. SERIOUSLY? I don't think there is anyone that is more surprised than me that we have two kittens.....okay, maybe Dustin's cousin Jason who asked him if H-E double hockey sticks froze over. But here is what happened. When we got Luke he had one other little kitten with him. We took Luke and our friends thought they probably wanted to keep the other little guy. So we took Luke home and he was adjusting but he seemed kinda lonely especially at night. Finally a few nights ago he woke us all up at some point during the night trying to find someone or something to play with. I can't keep any bedroom doors closed or my kids will FREAK OUT! We talked to a few people who suggested getting two kittens rather than one to give them a playmate and friend. So we contacted our friends and asked them if they for sure wanted to keep the other guy and that we would be interested in having them both at our house to play with each other. They thought about it for a few days and finally decided that since he was going to be an outside cat at their house that he might be happier with us and with Luke. So they let us have the other little guy. We were so happy that we were able to get his brother and that we didn't have to introduce another random kitten to him and that we would get some sleep at night! Winston, Marshmallow, Han Solo, Anakin Skywalker Moyes (not really sure which one is going to stick. Personally I am pulling for Henry but no one seems to be listening to me) is a really pretty cat, which is why our friends didn't really want to give him up in the first place! And he seems like he is adjusting okay. Luke was SO excited when we brought him home. He immediately started trying to play with him and lick him it was seriously one of the cutest things! They wrestled and chased each other all night and they really really seem happy together. I am not really an animal/pet person so this post is making me laugh that I am writing a paragraph this long about my CATS but actually.......they are kinda cute and I kinda love them already.

Winston has really pretty light blue eyes but I can't figure out how to fix the red eye on my computer anymore!
You have to look at how happy and comfortable Luke looks in all these pictures!
How cute is this! They looked like they were hugging!

Are they not the cutest things?! I HAVE CATS! WHAT THE?

Lilly thinks that they are opposites. One has the stripes on the top and white on the bottom and the other has white on the top and stripes on the tail. I don't know if that qualifies as opposites but they are so cute!

Ivy and the cat

Ivy is starting to love her belly more and more. She just sits there and tries to "swim" her way to everything. Here she is with Lilly (rock star pose). Ivy loves the cat toy almost as much as Luke.

I love seeing them all hanging out together. Luke loves to play and Ivy LOVES to watch.

Here is her superman pose, high centered, with Luke watching on.

Swim Ivy swim!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Josey Posey!

It was Joselyn's birthday on Saturday! She was SO excited she could barely sleep the night before! Here she is after her shower and with her new outfit on posing outside her decorated door. And of course Lilly needed in on the action.

Her FABULOUS birthday outfit!

And she loved that I decorated her picture.

We headed to the mall to get her ears pierced. This is something she has been begging for since Maddy got her ears pierced 2 years ago! I told her that when she turned 8 we would get them pierced. We got to Claire's and wouldn't you know it......she didn't want to do it! She was in tears! So we didn't get the ears pierced but we did head over to build-a-bear where she picked out a birthday animal and she was all smiles about that. Here is Hedwig and the Harry Potter glasses technically go with the owl but Josey loves to wear them around. I am glad we had already purchased him before she saw the little build-a-bear wheelchair (if you remember this post).....too funny!

We also did something that Dustin and I vowed we would NEVER do! And if you really know me you know this is CRAZY like CUH-RAY-ZEE!!! We got


This is little Luke Skywalker Simba Moyes. HE is 12 weeks and the cutest thing ever! The girls are in heaven! Dustin seems okay and I think he secretly like the idea that he is a boy. Right Dust?

We have been keeping him in the bathroom to get him adjusted to our house. I had to take a picture because there were like 12 people in there playing with him. Josey also got a fun package from grandma Beth!

Thanks grandma!

And here she is trying to blow out those trick candles her mean mom put on her cake! Everyone had to get in on the action and help out.

Here are all the girls, Bear and their 2 dads......doesn't it look like that? So funny!

We love you so much Josey and are so glad that you had a wonderful birthday! We can't wait until September to see you get baptized!!

And a few of Ivy that were so cute!

Ivy has finally got the hang of bouncing in her bouncer and she LOVES it!

Here is Josey blowing out her candles and her sisters and cousins helping out.

Here are the girls playing with little Lukie aka Starfighter. They love to pretend that he is a Warrior cat going into battle.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my bathing beauty

These pictures just make me smile. She LOVES her bath and just splashes and splashes!

This first picture looks so much like Joselyn to me it is scary! She is seriously maybe my MOST bald baby. Maddy was a close second. Poor girl!

This one makes me laugh cause she looks so offended that I was taking pictures of her in the bath!

And look at how chunky she is getting! She actually is only in the 30% for her weight so not really that chunky, but she is in the 70% for her height! go figure!

Trip to Mutaugh

So these are the pictures that I found on the camera after Dustin's 4th of July trip with the older girls. They had SO much fun! And I wish that I could have been there for some of it but maybe next year! He did a great job of taking lots of pictures for me though. I can't tell you much of what is going on in any of them but you can glean as much as I can!

These pictures are at the end of the trip after Dustin took the girls to get their own John Deer shirts and little tractors that they love. If you look close you can see their little tractor. Josey and Lilly's look like the first one and Maddy's looks like the next one (frankly all the tractors look the same to me.....)

Grandma and Grandpa Moyes and the girls.
These are a the jump place everyone went too.

cousin Avery

Uncle Ryan and Ryder

I think that is my husband?
They also visited the cemetery were many Moyes are buried uncluding Dustin's grandparents. And those are Maddy AWESOME socks there on the right.

One night Dustin and kids and Uncle Paul and Aunt Lesli and kids slept outside in their tent.

Maddy and Avery
LillyJust playing around with Uncle Paul and daddy
I am not sure I want to know what is going on in this picture cause sometimes Uncle Paul and daddy scare me.

And they even whent 4-wheeling with grandma and grandpa

What a gorgeous view!
Josey riding with grandpa. She was so proud that she got to drive it all by herself.

I just love these hills.

Seriously I am actually really glad that Dustin had this time with just his girls. I think they really had a great time together and I know Dustin had so much fun with them. Looks like a fun trip!