Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's raining!

Well here in Portland we have been having a.......heat wave.........HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it! It was about 89 degrees yesterday and I will say that it was hot, but come on it was 89 degrees! It was all over the news all day what everyone was doing to cope with the heat. hahahaha I seriously could not stop audibly laughing as I was watching the news. BUT I'LL TAKE IT! If this is as hot as it is probably going to get I will be very happy. It has been kinda wierd because I think we brought the sun with us from Vegas. I have been looking forward to a little bit of rain and it has only rained like maybe two days the whole time we have been here. Every other day has been sunny and warm! I love the evenings though because it actually cools of here at night and it reminds me so much of the long summer days I remember as a kid. Anyway the girls were jumping on the trampoline in their bathing suits and daddy came home and surprised them with a little rain. They were in heaven. As the girls came through the door to change their clothes to eat dinner, Joselyn passed me and looked at me with big amazed eyes and whispered, "That was aaawwsome". Guess I will have to get the hose out a little more.


So a couple of days ago Joselyn picked a smores recipe out of her kids cook book and we made it for dessert. This is it below if you couldn't tell. Anyway the girls were eating it and I looked over and.............................. ..................this is what I saw! Maddy is so funny. Dustin and I laugh all the time becuase it doesn't matter what she is eating she always has it all over her face. Unfortunately I know she gets it from me. I swear I was the same way when I was little but it is so funny. She just does not feel it on her face.
Joselyn is taking these very dainty bites, trying to be very careful not to get it on herself. She doesn't want it on her face or hands and she usually does not have anything on her face. Maddy however always has food on her face. She came home from school one day with a dark substance all over her face. As she was walking toward the car I could not figure out what was on her face. She got in and I said, "Maddy what is on your face?" She looked at me with the biggest smile and said, "PUDDING!" I had put a pudding in her lunch and she had spent the last half of the day with dried pudding on her face. I don't put pudding in her lunch much anymore! You gotta love her.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maddy and Lilly

Check out that stiff arm!
The mouth says happy but the eyes say LET GO!
Lilly got my eyeliner and before I could get it away from her she had it on her face. That is what is on her face.

Lilly's first words

I know I am going a little crazy with this video thing but it is so fun! I was trying to get Lilly to say some of her words but AGAIN she got distracted half way through. I love it when she says "I love you". SO CUTE! Next time I will get her to do some of her signs. She is FINALLY getting it and can sign lots of different things, it's great.

Joselyn singing black parade

Lilly talking

Lilly has become quite the talker. I don't know who she gets it from but she LOVES to talk. SHe has a lot to say I just wish I could decipher it. This video below was my attempt to catch it on video. She got distracted half way through but usually she goes on and on and on. I just can't firgure out how to edit the videos down yet.

Lilly talking

Monday, May 28, 2007


Okay so I am new at posting videos but I thought I would give it a try. I just quickly filmed a quick video and posted it to You Tube and it actually wasn't that hard. It is not a REAL interesting video but I was trying to get Lilly to dance and I just wanted to see how to get it on my blogspot. Maddy ended up dancing more that Lilly however. So it is over there on the left under Dancing Lilly. I will get better videos soon hopefully but this was just a trial run. I hope you can see it and you like it. If someone looks at it and can watch it or can't watch it would you post a comment back so I knew that it worked. Thanks!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

This is Josey and our new neighbor Kiara. Kiara is over almost everyday playing with the girls. She is a really nice little girl and my girls adore her. Her mom works a lot and so I think she has fun hanging out over here with the girls instead of just with her dad and brother. ANYWAY she gave Josey a make-over to look like a rock star. They even picked out the ourfit and she let Kiara do her hair. She barely lets ME do her hair. Josey was very excited to have someone else that likes make-up and barbies. Doesn't she look just like a rock-star?! She certainly felt like one.

Friday, May 25, 2007

having fun

I was on the phone with a friends from Vegas and the girls were doing a great job of leavin gme alone to chat with my friend that I didn't check on them for obviously WAY to long. They decided to make the living room their closets and I am not sure what they were playing but they brought practically every piece of clothing (including the dresses in their closets) and their shoes that they lined up on the window sill. They were having a lot of fun but I don't think they are going to be having much fun cleaning it up!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am totally embarrased that I forgot to put the number for The Office! It was three in the morning though and I was a little out of it. Anyway here is the number. Call it!

The Office

Calling all Office fans! I seriously love the show and anyone who has never seen it is truely missing out. I couldn't sleep tonight if you couldn't tell by the time this was posted and I was surfing around websites and other bloggers and I came upon something great! In the episode a while ago dealing with the flasher apparently there was a number you could call on the flyer Pam made up if you had any information about the flasher. Get your phone right now and call the number....hilarious.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Taking the bus

Now I know that this is really not a big deal and that lots of kids including lots of our cousins take the bus to school but for some reason this has been a big deal to me. Maddy has begged and begged me to take the bus for the last two years. We weren't allowed to take the bus in Vegas because we lived to close to the school but she still asked me all the time why she can't take the bus AND why she can't go to daycare in the afternoons.......go figure. But here in Oregon they have a massive bus system and it is really good. Most everyone in the school takes the bus. School starts an hour earlier here and so when I realized that I was going to have to wake everyone up to get Maddy to school and that the bus literally stops one house down on the corner I asked her if she would like to take the bus to school. She answered with a resounding YES! I kept asking her if she was sure she wanted to take the bus because mommy could still drive her if she felt more comfortable with that (obviously because mommy was feeling uncomfortable). She told me she was the only one in her class that didn't take the bus and she really wanted to get on the bus with all the other kids. So I signed her up to take the bus and I told her I would follow it the first day to school just so she felt okay. DO I HAVE A PROBLEM OR WHAT?! She was fine. I needed to be okay and follow the bus just to make sure it was going to get there okay. hahaha ANYWAY I cried the whole way to the school that day as I followed the bus. Who would have thought after two years of school and her being gone during the day that I would be crying over a bus ride to school. I am really glad we have the bus system here it is truely convenient and I am beginning to adjust. I don't know what my reaction will be in the fall when Josey gets on the bus as well. But I am gearing up for more tears, just the usual me. Anyway here is a picture of my little girl getting to big and taking the bus to school.

Busy Lilly

Lilly is getting acquainted with the new house. She knows her drawer and her cupboard that she can play in while mommy is cooking dinner. Usually every night I have all the tupperware and all the measuring cups and spoons all over the floor by the time dinner is ready . At least it keeps her out of my hair while I am cooking though.

This is Lilly's usual spot in the afternoons when mommy is too busy to take her outside. She loves to watch the big girls playing outside. She usually isn't too sad to watch from the screen but she would love to be able to jump on that trampoline like the big kids. Not too much longer.
Can you see that look in her eye? Her favorite game right now is to tackle mommy and the girls. If I sit on the floor she practically runs and hugs me and thinks it is so funny when I fall over. The girls have started wrestling with her and I think that is where she gets it but she is quite a tough cookie!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


We had some family fun trying to fix up our yard a little bit. The renters before us obviously never did anything to the yards and they are in serious need of some care. I don't know how much we can do without putting a lot of money into it but we are going to try and make it acceptable. The girls had fun weeding with their very own trowels. The highlight was finding some sort of a cacoon that the girls promptly stuck in a tupperware and now we are waiting to see what hatches out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Josey finally crashed on the couch after a long week of moving.
Lilly was a good sport travelling and as long as she had her bottle she was pretty good.

This picture is fun because about six years ago we have a picture taken in about the same spot as we were moving to Portland the first time. Our truck has tripled in size and so has our family.

Lilly's hair looks really red in this picture to me. Wierd. SHe loves her hairclips and headbands. She will actually keep them in. She loves purses, shoes, jewelry, and babies........definately a girl.

Look how happy Lilly looks with Sam. She loves her Aunt so much! Check out Lilly's wandering hands. Sorry Sam.

The Portland Zoo

A couple of weeks ago was Lilly's first time to the zoo. I am not sure how it went because I stayed home and kept unpacking boxes while they went to the zoo, but it looks like they had fun!
This is Sam with all her children. Doesn't she look young to have so many kids, even for a Mormon!
Like Grandpa like Grandaughter

This bear apparently FREAKED Lilly out. She was sitting there and the bear came walking up to the glass and it was just outside her view. Then all of a sudden she saw it and it was right in fron of her and Dustin said she practically jumped and just started crying.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

These pictures are from our brief stop in Murtaugh on our way through to Portland. I didn't know where the camera was so luckily Sam had her cell phone and was able to snap a few shots that turned out really cute. We had lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa and the farm. We went down to the lake one day and looked at the carp and tried to catch snakes under the rocks and took rides with Grandpa on the 4 wheeler. Aunt Sam caught a snake for the girls, since neither Dustin nor I would grab one, and they loved holding it and Joselyn even tried to kiss it on the mouth. Luckily we were able to stop her in time. Lilly loved the 4 wheeler. Grandpa said that she just kept saying "weee, weee" as they drove around the lake. It was lots of fun.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Joselyn took this first picture of Lilly and was so proud we had to publish it.

Since Maddy has started school Joselyn is going a little crazy.
We like our new sink because it is perfect for Lilly to get cleaned off in. She had strawberries and a push-up and was VERY messy. So I plopped her in the sink. At first she didn't really like the water coming out of the faucet but she soon got over it.

Lilly is obsessed with her shoes or her "SHZZ" as she prefers to call them. She brought me these two shoes and wanted to put them on. We had to take off her jammies obviously to get them on her feet but she was thrilled that she was wearing her shzz.